yoplait’s asana yogourt

i_produit_FamilleOkay, so we all know that it’s not cool when major corporations tack their name onto the word “yoga.” How about when companies which have nothing to do with the practice apply yogic vocabulary to their products? A new yogourt, Yoplait AsanaTM, does just that:

Developed especially for women, Yoplait AsanaTM is a delicious, smooth and creamy yogourt whose name means “posture” in the yoga world.

Yoplait AsanaTM is the only yogourt in Canada with a unique fortified recipe for strong bones. Not only is Yoplait AsanaTM a good source of vitamin D, but it also contains twice as much calcium as our regular yogourt.

The people at Yoplait have done their homework, and are well aware that 72.3% of Canadian yoga practitioners are women (according to a 2005 Print Measure Bureau survey; a 2008 Yoga Journal survey indicates similar US stats). They’re also aware that 70% of Canadian women don’t get enough calcium, and that 1 in 4 women over the age of 50 are at risk of developing osteoporosis.

So it looks like the recent Yoplait yoga ad (which made waves through the bloga community in the summer) was a way of priming people for their new product. Hmmm…

[Thanks to EcoYogini for the hot tip! She actually saw this stuff in the grocery store but refused to buy it!]

  1. Bahahaha. awesome vid. I had no idea that they had actual tv ads (maybe cuz we don’t have a tv… man I miss all the awesome ads! ).


  2. That’s ridiculous!

  3. OK, girlwarrior. I dare you to try that new brand of yogurt and give us your take on it. Will you be able to just comment on taste? Or maybe you should do a blind-taste test…

    If ever I see it in a grocery store, I’ll try it to see if a man can actually digest it 😉

    • Ooooh, how I love a challenge! I am going to give this stuff a try and report back. I usually only eat that hippie yogurt which comes in a jar and includes only “milk” and “bacterial cultures” in the ingredients. But I will try Yoplait AsanaTM and see if I feel more yogic and fortified afterwards (though I must admit that I am dubious of the trademarked MBF (Milk Basic Protein) this stuff contains).

  4. What, no celeb yogi endorsement??? Get it together Yoplait Asana Yogurt. You know we yogis only buy stuff endorsed by yoga stars…:) And yes, I too want girlwarrior to do the taste test…

    • ahahahahaha, too true! C’mon, Yoplait! Where’s your yoga marketing savvy?

      And if you wanna taste test… oooh, get ready for the Great Yogourt-Asana Experiment! Coming soon… (pssst, Yoplait: send me a free case of your yogourt and I will only say positive things, I promise).

  5. Well, guess what? I just found it at the grocery store near my place and I bought some! Sorry girlwarrior but I could not wait until you tried it and commented on it, plus I am sort of “gourmand” so…

    I tried the strawberry flavored Asana brand and thought that the taste was not bad but the texture was different, maybe less creamier than the regular strawberry Creamy Yoplait that I already had in the fridge. Of course I had to eat that one too to make it a real comparison test 🙂

    You must know that, even though I do make my own yogourt during the winter (too lazy to do it during summer and I am less in a yogourt mood) I am not a yogourt snob and will eat the commercial stuff too but I always get away from no-fat and less sugar since they always add “stuff” to those.

    So will I buy it again? Maybe if it’s on sale.

    Oh yeah, and I loss all my chest hair after eating the Asana yogourt…

    • Oh, you beat me to it! I can’t wait to try this stuff! I’m glad to hear it was a good experience… and that you lost all your chest hair afterwards! But most importantly, did you feel more yogic? More fortified? Did you feel like you could go out and kick asana…?

  6. LOL- I TOTALLY want some so I can Kick Asana too!!!

  7. No, not more fortified but I probably won`t be able to comment on that until I get a broken hip at 82 years old. And about kicking asana, I am the type of yogi who needs to warm up for half an hour to touch my toes so kicking is not yet in my range.

    • Hey, where did you find the stuff??? I’ve been looking all over the Plateau and there is none to be found. I’ve found Yoplait Tubes, Source, MiniGo and, of course, the beloved and brilliant Yop (liquid! yogourt! drink it on the go!) but no Asana. Am I living in the wrong neighbourhood?

  8. I love yogurt and now there are a myriad of options for local, small-dairy, organic yogurts with no sugar and other unnecessary ingredients. But I feel very guilty about the plastic containers. What is the solution? Making my own? The boiling, the cooling, I don’t know!

    Yoga Spy

  9. Yes. Trendy, but wrong.

    • For those of you not in Montreal, J-F is taking a dig at my hood! What nerve!

    • ack- I must defend Roseanne’s ‘hood- I also lived in the plateau for two years and LOVED it. THE place to be. if it lacks yogourt asana… well yoplait is for ninnies anyhoo. the cool people make their own. (lol, like i’d ever make my own). seriously though- LOVED the plateau.

  10. YogaSpy, I really recommend trying to make your own. As with anything, it is a process during which you need to experiment but if you enjoy cooking or creating stuff, you’ll enjoy making yogourt. There are different brands of yogourt makers, which are basically incubators for the baterias that have been added to the milk. What is great is that you decide which milk to use, whether it’s organic, 1%, whole milk, etc… and you know exactly what goes in there.

    This is the machine I use (http://www.lyo-san.ca/english/yogourmet.html) but you can find lots of different models and brands. I would actually prefer to have one where the jars are made of glass because the one I use is made of plastic and I would like to move away from that too, especially for possible health issues.

    Once you experiment with yogourt making, you should try making bread too 🙂

    • I found the jars too little yogurt… I like the big tub for incubating. I have issue with my yogurt containers when I buy yogurt…my kids like store bought over mine… I reuse the containers for storing homemade yogurt. Then you can move to Kim Chi …. and other lacto fermetted foods…. I have my sourdough going for a while now.

  11. yoga spy- if making your own doesn’t happen (although like J-F I have heard and read of many many people who do this easily) you can always look into those local organic dairies.
    If local and organic produce with less plastic is something that you are very interested in- investing in CSA’s or shares of these farmers is an excellent beginning. Another option would be to visit your farmer’s market and buy yogourt directly from the farmer. Another option- contact those local farmers and inquire about non-plastic options. Would they be able to provide yogourt in glass containers?

    FINALLY- the Preserve corporation Gimme 5 program accepts #5 plastics from all over the country. They recycle these plastics (which aren’t typically accepted at local recycling facilities) and create toothbrushes (I own one!) and other functional products. Obviously not idea as plastic is forever and reducing is better than recycling- but an option nonetheless.
    Check out this site for more info: http://www.preserveproducts.com/gimme5/

    sorry- yoga+eco is indeed my thing… LOL.

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