yogaga: “yoga-themed” nail polish collection from essie

Iconic nail polish brand Essie has released a “yoga-themed” collection, Yogaga (which I’m assuming is a nod to the popularity of yoga, i.e: “Gaga about yoga,” or something).

As nail blogger Glitter, She Wrote notes, “Yoga and fitness apparel generally come in vibrant colors, so I expected brights from this collection. Surprisingly, Essie has gone an entirely different route.”

With these soft, muted tones, it appears that Essie has gone the “zen” route. So what does “yoga-themed” nail polish look like? This:

The six shades in Essie’s Yogaga collection.

Of course, what makes a nail polish collection a collection are the names. See if you can match the names below with the colours above.

  • Boxer Shorts – a winning blue
  • Spinning Again – a driven brick red
  • Pilates Hottie – a zen light lilac
  • Marathin – a fit rosy pink
  • Gym Dandy – a motivated greige brown
  • Yogaga – a peachful sandy beige

I think Pilates Hottie might just be the best name for nail polish (or anything) ever. Marathin, however, is a little problematic. “Can’t I even wear nail polish anymore without being reminded of how unacceptable my non-thinness is? Are my nails too fat for society too?” protests a commentor on Nouveau Cheap blog.

Clearly, this yoga-themed collection has more of a fitness theme, rather than yoga. But “Yogaga” has more market appeal than “Fitgaga,” so it’s obvious why Essie went the “zen” route.

(Thanks to nail blogger insider, Lindsay at Sometimes Fancy, for the heads up about this absurdity!)

  1. Too bad it couldn’t also be a non-toxic line from Essie…

  2. Oh, pu-leeeeeeze! Yoga nail polish is bad enough, but do they have to smear in ‘zen’ as well? The next twerp who implies that something is all ‘zen’ when it seems soft, bland, and all ‘chill’ is gonna get a hit with my Kyousaku!

  3. Pilates Hottie looks lovely. Bit concerned about how upset people get over the tiniest things: the names for nail polish! Got much bigger problems than that!

  4. Actually “marathin” has nothing to do with being “thin” its a play on the word marathon! Lighten up folks.