yoga + writing workshop in montreal, oct 16 (with me!)

Writing and yoga are my two primary practices, and it’s natural that I would find a way to weave them together. I found out how the two practices can complement each other while I was living at Yasodhara Ashram, where written reflection is supported by the whole community. I also discovered Swami Radha’s Hidden Language Hatha Yoga approach, which is a method of self-investigation based on the symbolism of the yoga postures.

As I’ve figured out how to make these two practices work for me, I’ve also had the privilege of co-teaching a series of “yoga + writing” workshops called Writing the Body with my friend Adriana. We’ve been offering these classes for the past year and a half at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal, and our next workshop is happening this Sunday, October 16. We were super excited to get some coverage on local blog, Midnight Poutine (be sure to listen to our interview embedded in the article!), and campus/community radio, CKUT.

This is how we describe the workshop on our Facebook event:

An afternoon of yoga, self exploration and creative expression.

In this workshop, we’ll use our bodies to get the words out of our minds and onto the page. You’ll be guided through a deep yoga practice to encourage opening in the body and get your creative energy flowing, followed by free form writing exercises to get your pens moving.

The ability to write with authenticity comes from the ability to slow down and look within ourselves. A yoga and writing practice helps us tap into our creative consciousness, unleash blockages, and overcome negative self-talk.

Come prepared for a spacious afternoon of yoga and writing intervals, in a safe space where you can take quiet creative risks and discover the hidden potential of your inner self. No previous writing or yoga experience is necessary: simply bring a notebook, a pen, an open mind and a willing body.

Writing the Body: a yoga + writing workshop
Sunday, October 16 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Ashtanga Yoga Montreal
372 Ste Catherine Street West, Suite 118
$20, sliding scale

  1. What a great combination. Wish I could have been there.

    How’d it go?

    Bob W.