yoga teachers love obama: the daily beast analyzes political donors by profession

The “Obama 2012 Yoga Pants” indicate that the US presidential candidate knows a thing or two about his supporters (they like to do yoga! or at least stay fit! or, at the very least, be comfortable!).

A recent Federal Election Commission, which lists contributions to the candidates from individual donors in the election cycle so far, confirms that Obama’s demographic likes their stretchy pants – and even wears them to work. The Daily Beast [TDB] combed through the commission’s findings to get a sense of the partisan leanings of hundreds of different professions, and their detailed analysis shows that yoga professionals are Obama supporters. As are firefighters, rabbis, and unionized workers such as flight attendants.

According to TDB, yoga instructors contributed $58,324.50 to Obama’s campaign, while Romney received $5,515.00. “Obama has 473 [yoga instructor] donors compared to 4 who have given to Romney,” the article observed. “But thanks to a single yoga-teaching Romney fan who has donated $5,000 to his campaign, his per-donor average contribution is $1,379, compared to Obama’s $123.”

Interesting. So it appears the right-leaning yoga instructors have more money than the lefties. Other Romney donors include entrepreneurs, farmers and insurance agents.

On the whole, yoga instructors donated much less to their fave politician than lawyers, homemakers or ranchers (even retirees – 13% of the population – contributed much more than yoga professionals). I wonder if this is simply because yoga teachers make less than these professions, or if it’s an indication of the level of political engagement.

Also interesting is how TDB chose to lead into this story by singling out yoga teachers, out of the 20 professions that they profiled in the slideshow. Either it indicates the “quirkiness” of yoga teaching as a profession, or just SEO savvy.

This data is also fascinating in light of Off The Mat and Into The World‘s recent YogaVotes campaign, which aims to get the yoga demographic off the mat and into the voting booth. While the campaign is focused on simply getting people to register to vote, rather than expressing financial support, this kind of study indicates that the campaign may be affecting how yoga practitioners and teachers are engaging with the 2012 election.

  1. trust me when I tell you not all yoga teachers love Obama. as a matter of fact that is so insulting I may have to unsubscribe to your newsletter.

    • thanks for the feedback, yogini. i’m sure that there are a range of opinions on both obama and romney. the title of this post is a reference to The Daily Beast’s title, and it’s meant to be a little tongue in cheek, rather than a broad generalization.

  2. I’m not insulted at all! After all, Michelle Obama has been a yoga booster over the past few years, incorporating yoga into public events at the White House. Namaste anyway, to those who might disagree.

  3. i find it interesting that someone would unsubscribe to your blog because of a reporting of a survey. Political discussions are always a touchy subject, but Yogini’s comment is especially something to note as Roseanne is Canadian…

    I’d have say that on the whole the yoga profession would naturally attract more politically ‘left’ leaning yoga instructors. And in the states that means democrats… which ultimately culminates with Obama. I would assume that most yoga instructors in Canada are NDP or Liberal for the very same reasons.