yoga + rollerblading = mobile yoga: the next fitness craze?

There’s a new yoga hybrid about to hit the streets: Mobile Yoga. The art of doing yoga postures while inline skating. The Rollerblade brand is stepping out of the 90s and updating its image – by aligning with yoga! It’s so hip, so cool, so now, that perhaps some of that coolness will rub off on lame old inline skating.

YogaDork reported mumblings about the hybrid way back in July, and it looks like Rollerblade has finally got Mobile Yoga ready for the world. The website will launch on April 1. I know I sure can’t wait to see blissed out inline skaters rocking the Warrior pose on the streets of Montréal.

This is one hybrid that I’ll be avoiding. Aside from the fact no amount of association with yoga will make me think inline skating is cool, I also have no interest in doing yoga poses while moving. What about the rest of you? Or do you think this might just be the lamest yoga hybrid yet?

  1. the reason these hybrids come along is because lots of people have the attention spans of flies….always looking for whatever the “next best thing” is. that’s one of the reasons diets don’t work, because people are flitting from one fad diet to the other if one doesn’t work fast enough.

    I used to be a fitness instructor and I remember how the “Slide” phase had its 15 minutes of fame on the fitness circuit.

  2. Inline skating is definitely not cool. That said, I love it. To me, it’s a fun way to exercise and I don’t find many of those! I have just bought a pair of rollerblades and gotten back into it lately. I’m not very good (okay, I’m bad), but I have noticed just a tiny bit of overlap between yoga and rollerblading. Mainly, the four corners of the feet principle – I’m much better at balancing now and I attribute that to yoga. However, I have no desire to try dancer pose while on the blades because I’m 100% positive it will result in some sort of injury on my part!

  3. The first thing I want to know is what is that beautiful beach she’s on?

    Otherwise, I don’t know. Seems dangerous to me, sort of like an average skater trying to do figure skating. Take the average Yoga pose and put it on skates and I think you’re asking for trouble except for those who are really putting in the time and willing to put on the the full protective gear of elbow pads and knee pads.

    Falls on pavement are far more serious than falls on ice. I think this new idea will go nowhere because it’s too difficult. Extreme sports enthusiasts are probably going to be attract to more dramatic things like skateboarding.

    But it might be interesting to expert roller-bladers looking for something new.

    Bob Weisenberg

  4. Last time I tried rollerblading I was on my butt in less than 5 minutes. No way would I try dancers while MOVING… because then it would be my face I’m landing on! Ouch.
    I’ll pass, thanks!

  5. Oh, I would totally break several bones trying this. seriously. lol.
    Maybe it’s a west coast thing? When I was in Vancouver, people were definitely rollerblading along stanley park, and I had a few Van city friends who rollerbladed all the time……

    I would faceplant in two minutes though!

  6. I agree with Bob. Interesting concept but very likely to result in injuries. So unless you want to experience the yoga of a broken wrist, I wouldn’t recommend it. By the way, I actually used to like the Slide. Maybe that will make a comeback too 🙂

  7. on the topic of fitness trends from the past, I must confess that I really miss tae bo. such a great workout! can’t wait for the retrocycle to bring it back…

  8. i guess im not sure how many people will actually be able to follow this. rollerblading very well is not something many can say “ay” to.

  9. I am just SO rolling my eyes – honestly what will people in the States think up to “sell” yoga next? I can just see the certification programs rolling out – are you a certified inline yoga instructor? If not, take this training for x amount of $ and and you will be one! Oh don’t forget the obligatory statement about how it will widen your client list etc! Personally I’m sticking with the old traditional boring yoga – that spiritual practice which doesn’t pay much financially but, you know, it’s the one that involves staying grounded in one’s feet not travelling along at xx miles per hour!

  10. Gotta say, the immediate association that came up for me upon seeing the title of this post was Roller Girl from Boogie Nights…(notably, played by one of the more dedicated Hollywood yoginis, Heather Graham…though I don’t know if she did yoga back then)…leaving me the question of which is worse: sex on rollerskates, or yoga on rollerskates?

    I think I’ll skip both…

    • Uh, right, YfC. There are some things I don’t need to discover through personal experience. Your last question is certainly one of them. I won’t try either. Thanks for making me laugh outloud.

      Bob Weisenberg

      • I have been an inline skater for 15 years and have always enjoyed mixing up my “standard” inline skating by incorporating ice skating moves and a little “dancing” into my skates. I find inline skating to be a meditative practice ~ as my yoga practice is…so I am disappointed to see so many negative comments.

        I am not an “Expert” level skater (I never have mastered the cross over). I am someone who sees how wearing skates could be very beneficial to incorporating all the muscles that should be engaged in yoga poses…that a lot of people including me have a hard time remembering on the mat.

      • Hi, Melissa.

        This is a very good insight. Thanks for taking the time to write.

        I hope you realize that the rest of us are just scared to death!

        Being and inline skater for 15 years and being able to incorporate ice skating moves already puts you in a different class than most of us, even if you’re not “expert.” If you have the training, experience and skill, I could see how this could be wonderful.

        Bob Weisenberg

      • yes, hi melissa ~ and thanks for jumping in the conversation! it’s great to get the perspective of somebody who actually sees the positive aspects of Mobile Yoga.

        while bob is right that many of the commentors aren’t interested in combining yoga with inline skating, it also appears that many practitioners can see through Rollerblade’s efforts to restore their relevancy with a little help from a current fitness “fad” – yoga.

        if you ever get around to trying out Mobile Yoga (or even just spicing up your skating routine with some yoga poses), please be sure to report back. i’d love to hear about it! as for myself, i can say that i’m skeptical of any fitness hybrid that is endorsed by the company which makes the product.

  11. Thanks for the vote of confidence in my skills ~ but I wasn’t talking about ice skating spins or anything exciting…even a snow plow can spice up a skate. I just think that it would be fun and beneficial to do yoga poses on skates…I think that they should be showing it in an empty parking lot for people to practice and get the moves down. It doesn’t need to be done while speed skating.

    I would be scared of people trying to do this for the first time out on a bike path too. THAT would be an accident waiting to happen. also haven’t worn the Rollerblade brand in years so I wasn’t focusing on that part of the “marketing” (K2 and other skate companies still make and sell plenty in-line skates.)

    I don’t see in-line as a “Fad” I see it as a product that was purchased by everyone that would use it & that you only need to replace when they wear out. Yes in-line skates were sold to EVERYONE including those that take up everything that comes along…which doesn’t make it a bad idea. There are plenty of people with running shoes that get sold at garage sales after 1 use too…

    Yes, I can see the visual of doing yoga on skates seeming funny ~ but I look strange when I walk with weighted gloves and do upper body work…so I guess I’m just one of those people that are willing to do whatever works for me. 🙂

    Speaking of Tae bo ~Girl Warrior, you can still order the DVD’s off Billy Blanks website…nobody’s going to stop you from doing it!

    • actually, i already have a couple of DVDs and do them privately in the comfort of my own home 😉 but i miss the group energy and dudley, my inspiring tae bo instructor in vancouver whom i took classes with in the 90s!

  12. Oh my! I don’t think I will have the guts to do this. Not until I learned rollerblading first I guess. But then, this stuff looks a lot of fun.

  13. I’m sticking with the old traditional boring yoga – that spiritual practice which doesn’t pay much financially but, you know, it’s the one that involves staying grounded in one’s feet. Not travelling along at xx miles per hour!

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