‘yoga retreat’ facebook game: it’s like farmville, only yoga

Yoga Retreat screen grab; no idea what those little clocks mean!

Concerned that the time you’re wasting on Facebook is keeping you from enlightenment? Always wanted to go on a tropical yoga retreat but don’t have the cash?

A new social “well-being” game, Yoga Retreat, gives you the best of both worlds from the comfort of your computer.

I have to admit, I have no idea how this game works. Even after reading this in the press release: “Yoga Retreat sees players choose a virtual avatar with which he or she practices and teaches yoga to resort customers in return for virtual currency. Players will learn and unlock genuine yoga techniques in the hatha tradition, all of which can be transferred over to players’ day-to-day lives, as well as items and facilities to create the idyllic tropical wellbeing resort.”

And after watching the trailer (see below). I’m not getting it.

I also don’t understand why anyone would play a social yoga game. If you need a yoga break, why not just log off and… do some yoga! Whether that means a few downward dogs, five minutes of breathing or doing something nice for your neighbour. Then go back to wasting time by endlessly scrolling through your ex’s photo albums on Facebook.

Download the Yoga Retreat app here and see if you can figure it out. Report back.


  1. Completely stumped. I work in videogame marketing and at first the cynical side of me figured some game company was just doing a trendy twist on the overcrowded farming/time management thing, with the added bonus of the dev guys getting the opportunity to stare at women bending over in tight outfits for research purposes *wink, wink*. But no, it seems to be in earnest and I don’t get it.

    • yes, it’s totally earnest. there’s not a stroke of irony or opportunism here (well, maybe just a bit). it’s completely well meaning and completely boring.

  2. i really don’t get it. i just don’t.

  3. Why would you need this? Silly. It is not even fun.

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