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This recently landed in my email inbox:




As one astute commenter on the IAYB Facebook page pointed out, “Yoga for weight loss AND yoga for beauty! It’s the one-two punch to your self-esteem.” Boom!

Of all the yoga teachers in the world, the folks at BeFit managed to select the two that have a history with IAYB. Sadie Nardini and I have duked it out over her questionable yoga marketing tactics and Rainbeau Mars’ “Adidas Yoga” classes at a 2009 Yoga Journal conference sparked a raging debate about the corporatization of yoga.

So how can we celebrate National Yoga Month with Sadie and Rainbeau? The press release tells us how!

Celebrate Yoga Month this September with renowned yogis Sadie Nardini and Rainbeau Mars by relaxing, rejuvenating and toning your mind and body with their core workouts on BeFit Yoga, available now on the BeFit Channel.

With workouts as varied as “Rock Star Yoga” and “Yoga Butt” from Nardini to “Tantalizing Tummy” and “Booty-licious Lean Legs” from Mars, BeFit Yoga promises to be a blend of challenging routines, fun and fitness education.
Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, is one of the fiercest yogis around. She’s the host of a daily yoga and lifestyle hour on Veria TV, the 24/7 national wellness channel, creator of the best-selling “Total Transformation” yoga DVDs (#1 on Amazon) and author of  “CoreStrength.” In addition, she’s the host of the newly launched yoga reality series, “Rock Your Yoga” on Veria TV.
Mars brings a lifetime of practicing yoga to her successful career as author and creator of numerous yoga DVDs, and her DVD releases have sold over a million copies worldwide. She’s a highly sought after yoga instructor to several top-tier Hollywood stars and athletes.
Both Rainbeau and Sadie are available for interviews. Please let me know if you’d like to speak with them.

I’ve already had the pleasure of dialoguing with both of these individuals, but thanks for the offer, BeFit publicist. Next time, do a quick Google search of your subject and the media outlets you’re approaching.

There’s no need to satirize yoga – the industry satirizes itself. And what is BeFit, anyway? This:

  1. As any good publicist knows, all publicity is good publicity — good, bad, or satirical. And your IAYB article fits the bill perfectly! Well done! 🙂

  2. Re: satirization… As I was reading the publicist’s email to you, I actually at one point had to stop and check in about who was writing. For a moment I couldn’t tell if you were writing satirically or it was still her email. Not a good sign haha.

  3. This person should have sent this release to the female magazines and a different one to the yoga press. Just saying…

  4. And so, Roseanne, the question is: IS IT ALL YOGA (baby)?

    • hey robin ~ actually, i’m not interested in that question. i’m not interested in debating what is or isn’t yoga. as the title of this blog reflects, i do think it’s all yoga (baby).

      in this post, i don’t think i’m asking any question in particular, although i’m pointing out how the beautiful, profound practice of yoga is packaged and sold in modern north america. and i hope to point out how absurd (and funny, and even a little sad) it is.

      • I feel the practice is always beautiful… and I was always first and foremost and actress doing my job and responding to what requests were made of me and tuning in to how I could share from an authentic place. What I respond to though and I love most is the millions of testimonial comments we receive of positively supporting and effecting others. We are more then happy to send you a download for your viewing, so you might understand and not be so bitter and angry at me that has done nothing to you.

  5. I just wonder if it is time to stop calling what we do and teach yoga and let the corporate world have that word. Can we find another term for it? Is that too radical? 😉

  6. Wow. I’m speechless. You can’t make this stuff up!

  7. I was in a yoga class yesterday, and the teacher was joking about getting certified in yoga butt. He was talking about all the ways people come to yoga and then said, you can even get certified in yoga butt through Be Fit Yoga. The class laughed (not a yoga butt crowd at all). It was the first I had heard of Be Fit. I am just a little bit defeated after seeing this. I know it does not diminish my practice, but still . . .

  8. “There’s no need to satirize yoga – the industry satirizes itself.”

    Yep, everything I have satirized about yoga in the past seems to have eventually taken place in the yoga scene.

    • haha! maybe you’re not just a satirist, yogadawg — maybe you’re a prophet! 😉

    • Thats why I am moving on and just sending all you yogis love. I am doing now what I was to meant to do… Make movies and television. I hope you’ll watch them. 🙂 “As if… off the shoulders to all them haters…” Did I just make fun of myself… YUP… eat your heart… all you.. MEAN YOGIS…. have you ever hear of if you can’t say something nice… to just not say it… AHIMSA – NON HARM… Isn’t that one of the eight limbs.. I could never be a yoga teacher… as I am left clueless and confused about this yoga world. a yogini for life though.. Dear God… give us some insight into truth and real love.

  9. I hope your having the very best day ever and that together we grow to allow all thoughts, deeds and actions to come from our virtues or love, compassion, intelligence, diligence, charity and other godly expressions rather then all the other distractions. Blessings. Rainbeau

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