yoga practice in action: colin stetson

Musician Colin Stetson on how his yoga practice prepares him for the rigors of touring and playing a huge saxophone that sounds like seven instruments and a drum machine.

I adhere to a pretty insane regimen on the road, and I have to make sure that I keep that going because too much of that style of playing just fries me, to the core. Because you’re up there for an hour basically tensing every muscle in your body and applying an amount of pressure to your insides, and not just the pressure on your lungs that tenses all of the other muscles in your body, but also the pressure that you’re putting onto your brain, because of the blood flow that happens with breathing that way. So I need to have other things working all that tension out… daily yoga practices, and meditation, and I do breathing exercises on a daily basis. Just to keep all that dilated and open, and then running a few miles mostly every day. It can be labor intensive.

[via Sterogum]