yoga & pole dancing: which belongs in the olympics?

As it turns out, yoga isn’t the only pseudo-sport looking for inclusion in the Olympics. The International Pole Sports Federation is also on a mission to see pole dancing (or, more correctly, pole sports) on the Olympics schedule.

WUSA9, a Washington, DC-area TV station, gave “yoga in the Olympics” the mainstream news treatment – and felt the need to pit yoga against pole dancing as Olympic hopefuls. After all, table tennis and race walking are considered sporty enough to be in the Olympics. Why not yoga or pole dancing?

Not surprisingly, based on their web presence, the IPSF is more organized and aggressive about getting into the Olympics than USA Yoga (which has also seemed to have forgotten the international nature of both the Olympics and yoga!).

But I think that competitive yogis and competitive pole dancers shouldn’t work against each other to see their respective sports in the Olympics. The answer: polga! With the organization of IPSF and the mainstream acceptance of yoga, polga would be a sure-fire hit for the greatest games in the world.

Polga! (image via

If you were on the Olympics committee and you had to vote for yoga, pole sports or a sexy hybrid for inclusion in the Olympics, what would you choose?