yoga pants rant: CBC radio

Screenshot of Google Images search for "yoga+pants."

When an Ottawa Catholic school’s ban of yoga pants made the news recently, it landed the offending apparel items in CBC Radio Q‘s Hall of Shame weekly segment for “causing strife.” And inspired a hilarious rant from Hall of Shame curator and comedian, Elvira Kurt.

Known for her biting humour, yoga pants had no defense when Elvira turned her sights on the “entire subcategory of a mystifying genre of apparel knows as yoga clothes.” She also (rightly) noted that there is a fine line between wearing yoga pants and wearing sweat pants outside of your own home.

“Why are you blaming yoga pants?” asked Q host, Jian Ghomeshi, who was only able to giggle helplessly at Elvira’s retort: “Why do yoga pants exist? Since when do you need special futuristic fiber to stretch your arms and legs?” She then went on to call Jian a “yoga pants wearer,” a most insulting offense.

Elvira ended her rant by promising to “stand outside a ‘yoga-teria’ and relentlessly mock people.” And given the passion of her attack on yoga pants, I wouldn’t be surprised. Watch out for her.

Listen to the entertaining rant on the Q blog, from the Dec 2 edition (the CBC radio player is not embeddable).



  1. bahahaha, nice! i avoid Jian and Q… mostly because he drives me bonkers- but her I like 🙂

    • yeah, she’s hilarious! Jian drives you bonkers?!? i think that Q is one of the best radio shows on the CBC. great interviews, guests, debates. and i love Jian! he’s adorable.