yoga pants legal dance: lululemon sues calvin klein

Aug 15, 2012 by

Lululemon pants and the patented waistband we all know and love (image via

J.C. Penney recently announced that they’ll be offering in-store yoga and pilates classes as part of their strategy to “transform” the department store shopping experience.

In-store yoga classes worked for Lululemon, right? But J.C. Penney better be sure that the yoga-wear chain hasn’t patented their infamous method for getting yoga enthusiasts in the store.

Turns out Lululemon isn’t afraid to take legal action when other companies steal their ideas – they’ve just sued Calvin Klein for infringing patents on yoga pant designs with their “Performance” brand pants.

“The accused products include substantially the same waistband design elements and pant style,” Lululemon said in the complaint, filed on August 13 in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware. Lululemon seeks unspecified damages, including lost profits and royalties, and a court order barring the conduct, reports Bloomberg.

Those “waistband design elements” have become so ubiquitous in yoga and athletic wear that it’s actually surprising that this is the first time that Lululemon has had to sue another brand.

Lawsuits over yoga pants may seem a little aggressive and “unyogic,” but business is business, y’all. Just don’t even think of making anything that in any way resembles Luon.

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