yoga on the news: journalists talking about the parents of encinatas & religious indoctrination

Matt Hall, columnist for U-T San Diego, appeared on the local PBS station to contextualize the yoga controversy in Encinatas. A group of parents are concerned that free yoga classes in school leads to “religious indoctrination” and have taken legal action against the school district, catching the attention of media across the US.

This guy went to a yoga class in one of the schools and wrote about it. In the interview, he says he saw no form of religious indoctrination in the yoga classes – just kids relaxing and getting some exercise.

  1. I think it’s strange that this is happening at this time in the hip mecca of So. Cal. that’s been my second home for most of my life.

    Eighteen years ago I taught yoga in my kid’s public school in Nashville as a volunteer and no one complained.

    Encinitas has changed from a sleepy surfer town to a thriving commerce. Is there a connection?