yoga journal taken over by bloggers & rabble rousers (happy april fool’s)


YogaDork reported today that “Yoga Journal is shutting down production, ceasing its normal publication and reemerging as a blogger run online magazine.” The gossip girl of the yoga world then went on to describe the new team behind Yoga Journal 2.0:

Yoga Journal is excited (read: also shocked) to have infamous yoga bloggers from YogaDorkIt’s All Yoga, Baby and Linda’s Yoga Journey take over in order to get in line with the times and reach the yoga folks of today. “They just weren’t hip, digital or edible enough,” says a source, referring to Yoga Journal’s longstanding magazine that is made out of indigestible paper and which appeals largely to a narrow scope of white middle and upper middle class practitioners.

What will change? Who’s in charge?

Some of you may have heard Kaitlin Quistgaard recently and quietly stepped down as YJ Editor-in-Chief after almost 7 years in the position and 10 years at the magazine. What you may not have heard was that Roseanne Harvey, founder and the intrepid blogger of It’s All Yoga, Baby will be stepping up to take her place!

“When they asked me to be EIC, I was shocked. Because I would try to make the magazine all lefty and diverse, I would offend advertisers and stakeholders, and I would want longer, more in-depth articles about real issues.” Lucky for Roseanne, that’s just what they were looking for. Who is ‘they’? No one really knows, but word has it the new owner of YJ has a very itchy third eye and looks a lot like a dawg.

Happy April Fool’s! The Yoga Journal takeover was inspired by some Twitter activity and campaign #IAYBforYJ earlier this weekend, after @vstasang tweeted: “The staff listings in latest issue of @Yoga_Journal indicate @kquistgaard is no longer the editor-in-chief: i nominate @itsallyoga_baby FTW!”

The prank even garnered a response on the Yoga Journal blog, where they humbly noted that they were the butt of at least two April Fool’s pranks.

One day, perhaps, Yoga Journal will be run by hip bloggers and will actually be relevant to the yoga community at large (not just its current privileged demographic). In the meantime, we will continue blogging!

  1. SO awesome! I dream of a day when this will be true 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha… 🙂

  3. “hip bloggers ”

    Hips are a very specialized thing to blog about…but an important part of one’s yoga practice I suppose 😉

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