yoga journal announces new editorYoga Journal unceremoniously appointed a new editor in chief last month. Carin Gorrell was the features director at SELF Magazine, where she oversaw the health, food, nutrition, lifestyle, and total well-being content. For her new job, Gorrell left her home in Brooklyn, NY to move to Boulder, CO.… Read more


yoga journal announces new editor

Yoga Journal unceremoniously appointed a new editor in chief last month. Carin Gorrell was the features director at SELF Magazine, where she oversaw the health, food, nutrition, lifestyle, and total well-being content. For her new job, Gorrell left her home in Brooklyn, NY to move to Boulder, CO. Yoga Journal recently relocated to the cozy hip yoga-friendly mountain town, under direction from its parent company, Active Interest Media.

IAYB noted that former EIC Kaitlin Quistgaard had stepped down in spring 2013 (and was flattered that some people thought she should be the next editor). After a rather long transition period, Yoga Journal seems to have fund the perfect new leader for the magazine.

So what can we expect from the inbound editor?

“I’m proud to join a brand that continues to be the leading media authority on yoga,” Gorrell says in Yoga Journal’s official press release from Oct 24. “As a health food and fitness junkie and new mom, all of the facets of a healthy yoga lifestyle resonate with me. I’m excited to incorporate more fun and inspiring on-and-off-the-mat news, trends and service in the magazine, including recipes and nutrition news for clean eating, fashion that translates from studio to street, eco-friendly beauty, home and travel tips, and web-integrated wellness programs, making Yoga Journal the go-to destination for both the most seasoned yoga pros and down-dog newbies.”

More yoga lifestyle, fun, inspiration, fashion spreads, and recipes! Well, as long as her editorial vision isn’t too informed by this:


Or this:


And especially not this (those checkmarks!):


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  1. I’m simply crushed that she didn’t mention the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutra, or even yoga philosophy in general in her press release.

    We’re people, too, you know.

    Bob W.
    Yoga Demystified

    • haha, I know, right? but get ready for more recipes and yoga fashion!

    • I know. It’s sad that the elimination of anything that’s not asana–or perhaps a few choice “philosophical”-sounding cliches–is now just business as usual in yoga culture. I understand that yoga must adapt to some extent to our culture (we can’t all go sit in a cave), but in practicing one small piece of it completely out of context we’ve also eviscerated its power to transform our lives beyond our physical bodies.

  2. Aaaand … the over-40 demographic goes online to read REAL content … or even over to one of the coffee table rags like Origin or Mantra …

  3. In case there’s any doubt about Yoga Journal’s editorial vision, this connection to Self makes it abundantly clear. Self magazine – materialism and body dysmorphia embodied. Yoga Journal, pretty much the same, with chanting.

    • Not quite, though … I tend to think Yoga Journal would still retain the soulfulness of a few of the fitness rags – such as Oxygen magazine. You know, hard-core physicality as transcendence …

      The chanting? Not so much. Thinking in my own experience, that even the Jivamukti Ashtanga and Kundalini people are been-there-done-that about Yoga Journal …

  4. I feel like YJ’s been slowly shying away from the less physical aspects of the practice for ages–Sally Kempton’s monthly columns are less frequent and there’s MUCH more emphasis on gear and food and where to book your next zillion dollar retreat. So sadly this might just be the next nail in the coffin for yogi readers interested in a more holistic and traditional yoga magazine? Personally I turn to Yoga + Joyful Living magazine, from the Himalayan Institute, for a more in-depth, less purely asana focused read…

  5. nice, recipes, yoga fashion.. hmm am sitting looking at my resubscribe letter? I let Self go long ago- they like to glamorize 150.00 pants and skirts on size 3 models with perfect faces.. ohh Yj Ive subscribed for over 20 yrs… moving on is hard.

  6. I’ve subscribed for so long and the decline of content has been a bit like visiting a parent with cognitive decline. So little of substance is remaining in the Journal, and this editor will turn it into another glossy rag to peruse while you are in the salon waiting for some service to be performed. Good Bye!

  7. Ugh, I don’t read YJ because I’ve always found it “borderline fitness mag” but this seals it. Very disappointing.

  8. Self; all about me!

    If there weren’t a more telling magazine title for our narcissistic, capitalistic, hyper-individualist culture… I wouldn’t know. Sad.
    Sadder that it already fits as a descriptor of YJ….

  9. oh barf. can someone please restart Ascent magazine? pleeeease…

  10. Why do all the jocks have to be the spokespeople for yoga? We need to take yoga back from these people.

  11. This magazine has nothing to do with Yoga. It has never had anything to do with Yoga. This is simply a platform for man hating women. In ten years of publication they has never put a man on their cover.

    This magazine caters to women who cannot deal with a world that includes men. Reading this magazine you would think the world is 98% women. It absurd. Yogarobics and pretty young women are their formula for success. That and a fake connection to Yoga. Every copy of this rag has at least 50 nubile young women in various states of undress advertising products that nobody needs. Toes socks are stupid. They have nothing to do with yoga.

    Please boycott this hateful rag.