“yoga is the greatest thing ever”: comedian deanne smith says so

This is DeAnne Smith & she loves yoga! (image via forgetthebox.com, Chris Zacchia)

We all know that yoga is great, but sometimes it’s nice to hear an unsolicited endorsement from somebody who’s not a celebrity or pro-athlete. Standup comedian DeAnne Smith confesses her love for yoga in her daily dispatch from Edinburgh, where she is performing at the Fringe Festival. She tells us that there is something amazing about going to yoga class, gets a little pervy and shows us her Muppet arms. She even affects the dreaded “yoga teacher voice,” but somehow manages to make it work.

DeAnne Smith is awesome and hilarious; watch all of her dispatches and other assorted standup gigs around the world on her YouTube channel.

  1. That was so funny! and muppet arms….haha