yoga for knitters! (and crocheters, too!)


Detail from a baby blanket (aka, the "gayby blanket") I knitted last spring.

A few weeks ago, I discovered the “Yoga for Crafters” series on the Crafting a Green World blog. Well, recently they posted their special Knit and Crochet Edition.

It’s a pretty good routine focused on wrists, fingers, necks and chests. Though I’ve got to send out a warning to all you yarn lovers out there: the second pose on this routine is Tolasana, a challenging arm balance. Before you go into it, be sure to warm up your hips and upper body ~ otherwise, you’ll get frustrated. And if you’re feeling any major crafting strain in your wrists and forearms, don’t do this pose because you’ll just aggravate things.

I find that after a long knitting session, nothing feels better than a few minutes in Downward Dog (which is basically a magic pose). Do any other knitter/crafters out there have any poses to recommend? What works out your crafting aches, pains and kinks?

    • Ha ha, cute post! I love the graphic. I’m very familiar with Ravelry and joined it last year, though I haven’t been too active. I’m not a very prolific or exciting knitter, so I found that I just couldn’t keep up. I have a real live knitting crew that I meet with here in Montreal.

      A few years ago, I was really into knitting as a spiritual practice, but lately it’s just become a way to relax. Maybe I’ll dig through my old journals and see if I wrote anything interesting enough to post. I did knit a really cute yoga mat bag!

  1. Knitting is on my list of “things to learn.” (Or perhaps crocheting, which seems easier because I tried it as a kid and because there’s only one needle.) Is this a childhood pastime? It seems a great antidote to other daily doings, such as reading, yoga, sports, typing on computers … and a way to muse over things without just sitting there “doing nothing.”

    And you end up with unique, handmade scarves or hats or socks.

    One day…