yoga, art & service unite at vancouver’s contemporary art gallery

Guo Fengyi, "Energy Channel Decomposition" (image via

The ol’ yoga-in-the-art-gallery thing is getting a little played out, so it’s nice to see Vancouver’s Contemporary Art Gallery put a new twist on the idea. A March 25 yoga workshop in the gallery is not only an opportunity to practice in an unconventional space and bridge yoga, art and daily life – it’s also a fundraiser for Yoga Outreach, a Vancouver-based service organization that brings the benefits of yoga to people in centres for mental health, addiction and corrections.

All 35 spots in the workshop (at $35 each) were sold out within days of its announcement. The two-hour workshop, artistically titled Clear Boundaries, No Limits: Energy in Action and the Phenomenon of Form will be lead by Anusara teacher, Christine Price Clark.

The inspiration for the workshop came from the gallery’s current Guo Fengyi exhibition. According to the press release:

Guo came to art in an effort to heal the health problems she developed after working in a solvent plant for years. She was drawn to the healing practices of Qi-qong, a traditional Chinese health practice meant to cultivate qi energy in the body. While in various meditative states, she had visions that she turned into vibrant drawings that resemble bodily energy flows.

Sounds a little like yoga, n’est-ce pas? Yoga Outreach coordinator Sarah Holmes de Castro agrees.

“To hear that she had created art work as a way to make manifest an inner experience was another layer that excited us from a yoga perspective,” she said. “There were a number of close fits. It was exciting to see the work on the walls and create an event that brings some kind of experiential side to that as well – in addition to the visual experience.”

Well played, Vancouver! Despite being the epicentre of industrialized yoga and the third worst-dressed city in the world, you’re doing something right.

  1. Cool! I love hearing about the latest yoga & art workshops! My friend & I will be running a workshop in April on yoga & art where the students will get to paint and do yoga! It’s pretty amazing to make beauty with your body and also on paper. To heal your body on the mat and heal your mind through free flow art. xo