yoga apparel by vivienne tam debuts at NY fashion week

Vivienne Tam launched her new designer yoga wear line yesterday at New York Fashion Week. Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman were on hand to guide 20 yoga teacher/models through a “live sculpture garden” in the outdoor plaza of Lincoln Centre. Rushed production directors reminded models to look peaceful and serene, even though “this is fashion, not yoga.”

The union of yoga and fashion is nothing new, with designers such as Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan releasing yoga lines years ago. There is also no shortage of yoga wear which is designed to look good in the studio and on the street. Even the announcer in the NY Post video above was aware that yoga has become big business, citing Lululemon’s multimillion dollar stake in the yoga apparel world.

In the video, one of the models makes the classic argument for capitalizing on yoga: “If it spreads yoga to more people who otherwise wouldn’t try it, then it’s a good thing.”

What do you think? Is this argument applicable any more? Will fashionable yoga clothes get people on the mat? And if so, does it even matter?

  1. wow. I’ll be honest, that was difficult to watch. sigh, i personally believe that the whole ‘this will bring people who may otherwise not want to practice yoga, to yoga’ is b.s.- I really couldn’t care less if there are people in the world who just aren’t interested in yoga.

    Those ladies weren’t practicing yoga, they were modeling clothing that will be marketed at a ridiculous price. But then, I do think in the end it doesn’t really change my practice, my every day life or how I practice-perceive yoga.

  2. “Fauxga” …now that’s an idea for a new style of yoga!

  3. Hmmm…I’ve been a Lululemon-wearing yogi for about five days now (see my latest blog post) and, so far, I don’t think I’ve practiced any more often than usual (then, the Lulu shirt got kinda sweaty on Sunday, so won’t be wearing it again ’til I wash it–can you put whatever that stretchy fabric is in the dryer?). I’ll keep ya updated as more data comes in…

  4. @ecoyogini: i feel the same way!

    @yogadawg: yeah, “fauxga” is pretty good. how did we not come up with that??

    @YfC: looking forward to your updates. btw, don’t put luon in the dryer. it pills like a mofo.

  5. would be a lot more meaningful if they would donate their clothes to the women to whom I teach at the domestic violence shelter.

    then again, real yoga doesn’t need “yoga clothes.”

  6. Cool post! I love the intertwining of fashion and fitness and that designers are starting to delve into the realm of fitness clothes- because it is very important prevalent now to keep a healthy lifestyle and looking good while doing it! Love your blog 🙂