yoga action: san francisco yogis unite with hyatt hotel workers

Yoga action in solidarity with hotel workers (image via Decolonizing Yoga FB page)

Yoga action in solidarity with hotel workers (image by Ellen Forman Orster via Decolonizing Yoga FB page)

A group of San Francisco yoga practitioners jumped on the Hyatt Boycott picket line in front of the high-end hotel Thursday afternoon, as the 2013 Yoga Journal SF conference kicked off inside. The yogis organized a last-minute action in solidarity with hotel workers.

One participant described her experience on the Facebook event page:

I arrived at the Hyatt a couple minutes before 4p. There were a couple of people who were obviously from the union, as they had signs. And there was one of my friends, and we began to chat. A hair before 4p, someone tapped me on the shoulder, handed me a picket sign, and pointed and gestured that I should follow the man next to me, who began chanting pro-union slogans and walking closer to the door of the hotel. Suddenly I was in a picket line! The energy was warm and the line extremely well-organized by Local 2. I was not able to join in the yoga at 5 as I am recovering from surgery, but there was a substantial group of folks practicing on the sidewalk, and they looked like they were having a good time. A lovely evening!

Meanwhile, Seane Corn and Shiva Rea have both refused to stay at the Hyatt hotel during the conference. Corn has also stated her support of the Hyatt Boycott, saying “Yesterday members of Off the Mat, Into the World™ met with union organizers to learn more about the labor dispute and boycott. After listening and learning I want to publicly acknowledge my ongoing support to the workers and believe fully in this boycott… I will not teach at the 2014 SF YJ Conference, or any other conference, if they’re held at the Hyatt and the boycott is still in place.”

A few facts about the Hyatt labour dispute:


Nothing makes me happier than this photo of the solidarity yoga class – retired Hyatt worker Delia Medina (featured in this interview) joins the group!


More photos from the action! All photos by Steve Rhodes via Flickr.