Fearless Blogging

Are you a creative professional, freelancer or consultant who needs an online space to present your portfolio and work? Do you have something to say but you’re intimidated by social media? Have you started a blog but never feel motivated to update it, even though your computer is full of half-written blog posts?

Fearless Blogging is a hands-on clinic focused on the basics of blogging with the wordpress.com platform. This will be a supported environment to confront what is holding you back from leaping into the blogosphere.

We will start with a brief introduction to the basic elements of blogging and WordPress. Then, in a structured yet self-directed space, you will be able to work on one aspect of your blog. This could include:
- writing your “about” page or professional bio
- organizing your portfolio
- experimenting with theme options and layout
- creating your first post

There will be opportunities for general questions, individual attention and group discussion.


Beginner’s Guide to WordPress (slideshow by Kathryn Presner and Shannon Smith)
WordPress Support (search and find the answers to your questions)
Learn WordPress (master the basics and beyond)
Successful Blogging (blogging tips and blog writing)
Daily Blog Tips (as the name implies, daily tips and resources for blogging)
Better Blogging: The Proposed List of 50 (Ninjamatics’ 50 things to do for awesome blogging)