women’s sexuality, conscious connection & yoga: jenny ferry in conversation

A few months ago, Jenny Ferry emailed me about “sex positive yoga studios” in Montreal that may be interested in hosting a workshop with her. Sex positive yoga studios? I couldn’t think of a single one. Or at least, I couldn’t think of any overt sex positive yoga studios in Montreal, or any that mentioned it on their website. I sent a few emails and made a posting on Facebook. Only one studio owner replied and seemed to know what “sex positive” meant.

I feel that the yoga world is confused about sexuality. We receive mixed messages and lack any kind of constructive discourse around sexuality and gender. Ferry is a sex and relationship coach who uses yogic practices, along with other mindfulness techniques, in her work to help people cultivate conscious connection. In this interview, we talked about the yoga/sex discord that we both observe in the North American yoga scene. She also told me about her work and what happens in a Soul Sex workshop (hint: nothing hands on).

  1. What a treat! Great interview, Roseanne. I hope to hear more about “Soul Sex” and the 15 minute orgasm soon. Thanks so much.

  2. Nice to see you both in conversation! Jenny sat with our sangha while living in Tucson, and we miss her! We’re also delighted to see her path developing as it is.

    • Frank Jude! Thank you for your kind + heartfelt comment. I miss you + everyone at sangha, too. I was very touched + moved by my time + interaction there with you, the wonderful dharma teachings + the sweetness of joy among the sangha sibs. Love to all.