wanderlust festival goes international, starting with canada

You may look at the Wanderlust Festival banner and find yourself wondering, “What is this 51st state, Whistler, and why have I never heard of it?”

Because Whistler isn’t a state! It’s a ski resort in British Columbia, Canada, and it’s the first international site for Wanderlust, the summer’s preeminent yoga+music festival.

I have to admit that I’ve always like the fact that Canada is a bit of a yoga backwater and we’ve managed to avoid much of the large-scale glitz and glamour that I see in the US yoga scene. Instead, we have low-key urban festivals in ballet schools, service-oriented yoga non-profits, quietly progressive ashrams in the woods, and rock stars who moonlight as yoga teachers.

The Wanderlust Whistler lineup looks a little different from the other three events, with lower profile (read: Canadian) yoga teachers. It’s all set to happen August 23 – 26 and tickets go on sale February 21.