vote & get free yoga: social engagement or cheap marketing?

Free yoga – but only if you vote (image via

With the American presidential election lurking on the horizon, there has been a greater conversation about the connection between yoga and politics than ever before. From YogaVotes‘ non-partisan call to “Do yoga and vote,” to Matthew Remski’s callout to yoga bloggers for endorsement, to The Babarazzi’s anarchic refusal to endorse while insisting upon strategic voting, the conversation is heating up. As usual, there’s no politeness in the blogosphere!

If you’re finding the conversation stressful, you might need some yoga. If you’re lucky, there may even be a studio in your neighbourhood offering free or discounted yoga if you voted! The Associated Press recently posted a short article on a Washington, DC studio’s offerings (and I’ve seen similar pitches all over Twitter):

Flow Yoga Center said it was throwing open the doors to its Astanga Mysore, Pilates, Prana Flow and Vinyasa Flow classes next Tuesday “to help our United States re-unite again.”

“You just need to vote first, and then bring along your ‘I Voted!’ sticker or equivalent to get a free class,” said the studio, in the trendy Logan Circle neighborhood, in an email flyer.

And then went on to equate this with other election marketing gimmicks such as “free pizza for life from Pizza Hut, fresh coffee in blue Barack Obama or red Mitt Romney cups from 7-Eleven, and free flights out of the country on JetBlue for voters whose presidential favorite loses.”

Is this taking your politics off the mat and back again – or a cheap marketing ploy?

IAYB politely reminds you again to vote on November 6, and to vote for Obama because it’s the yogic thing to do and as an official endorser it’s my job to force my mega-mono-belief on y’all!

More free stuff for voting, including yoga, on The Christian Science Monitor.