vastra: the most earth-friendly yoga mat ever! (kickstarter campaign)

Vastra's yoga mat: Earth- and people-friendly! (image via

Somewhere along the line, yogis realized that practicing asana on an artificially-coloured PVC rectangle wasn’t really good for the planet or our bodies. In the past few years, the yoga mat market has seen an influx of biodegradable, non-toxic, recycled, recyclable and otherwise Earth-friendly yoga mats, which is awesome.

However, the new Vastra yoga mat kicks it up a notch, and in its Kickstarter campaign it makes the bold claim of being the most Earth-friendly yoga mat on the planet. Not only is the mat gentle on the Earth, but it’s based on Ayurveda, the 5000 year-old Indian system for health and wellness. According to the press release:

Vastra’s yoga mat is fully handmade out of 100% organic cotton yarn that is dyed with plants and herbs like Turmeric and Tulsi (Holy Basil) along with many others. “We went back and forth many times on the design of the mat, based on feedback from active yoga practitioners, to come up with a design that provides grip on surface as well as on the floor to keep the mat from sliding,” said [Vastra founder] Sri Narayan. The company’s larger intention is to bring Ayurveda into the modern yoga practice and sees its yoga mat as a solid step in this direction.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $100,000 to cover production expenses, including investment in yarn, fabric and the plants and herbs used for dyeing.

Washington, D.C.-based Vastra already has a proven track record of making Ayurveda-infused clothing and bedding, which has caught the attention of major media sources like Time and the BBC. The company has a mission to “transform how people perceive clothing through the use of clothing and clothing-based products that aren’t just for style, comfort, and protection but also for wellness.”

Support Vastra’s Kickstarter campaign and you can pre-order this revolutionary yoga mat. The Earth and its inhabitants thank you.

  1. Alright. Color me very intrigued. I may have to pledge and get me one early. 🙂

  2. Nice idea, but it has been done before. A company called Yogasana produces rugs like this already for 2 years. I remember that the all-mighty Yogadawg wrote a review on this 🙂

    “Yogasana makes the best eco-friendly yoga mats in the world. The cotton is grown by local farmers in northern India and can be sourced directly back to our preferred mills. We use a high-grade cotton thread that’s extremely strong. The dyeing process is natural and the residual dye water is used to irrigate fruits and vegetables that surround the manufacturing facility. No electrical power is used in the production of our mats. The water source is a well on the site. The cotton dries in the sun. The mats are handmade on manual looms by master weavers. The pride of craftsmanship is reflected by the signature of the weaver on the mat.”

  3. At $ 60 these Vastra mats are great value. I saw these mats in LA a few weeks back. This is a very well designed product. Ayurvedic herbs are used in dying. Cotton weave gives a nice hold for palms and feet. Natural rubber on underside is applied with a brush making the mat very comfortable and there is no slipping, sliding on the floor.