transform your ugly old shirt into cute yoga pants

frontwarmersignedSewing is one of those skills that I’ve been meaning to teach myself for a while. Now I have a reason: so I can make these supercute yoga capris out of shirt sleeves.

I’m in love with luvinthemommyhood‘s adorable step-by-step video tutorial on upcycling “shirt sleeves to yoga capris.”

So on the next rainy spring weekend, I think I’ll try to whip up a pair of these capris – and while I’m at it, maybe I’ll make some flip flops out of an old yoga mat and weave a new mat out of twigs.

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  1. Thanks for the link luv! Your post was hilarious! I think I need to make myself some flip flops! You bet you can do yoga in these pants, they are sooooo comfy and super stretchy. It’s all about finding the right shirt with the right amount of stretch.

  2. omigosh this is awesome!! how creative!!