tommy rosen on addiction, holistic recovery & community (interview)


Tommy Rosen knows a thing or two about addiction and recovery. The LA-based yoga teacher has 21 years of recovery from acute alcohol and drug addiction under his belt – and his experiences fuel his personal mission of offering the tools of yoga to people trying to recover from addiction.

After years of teaching yoga for recovery classes, workshops and retreats, Rosen’s latest project takes his work to a whole new level. Recovery 2.0: Beyond Addiction is a five-day online conference bringing together 35 experts from the yoga, spirituality, medical and holistic recovery fields. Rosen produced and hosted the event, which is available completely free to people around the world.

“The internet brings people together,” he told me. “It’s scalable to infinity and reminds us that anything is possible.”

In this audio conversation, Rosen tells us more about the vision and purpose behind Recovery 2.0, introduces us to some of the experts involved and shares his theory for why addictions have become so prevalent in North American culture.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Roseanne. Overall it looks great. I’ve been lucky to have had many chances to learn from Dr. Gabor Maté and never pass up another chance to do so. He is definitely a highlight of the line-up of guests Tommy has put together.

    There are a few there that I can only assume are there because of the publicity they bring to the event, as they are not even in the same league as many of Tommy’s well chosen seasoned speakers. I can understand the need to be strategic, I guess – but my motto for those people – Do not mistake ignorance for enlightenment.

  2. God bless and thank you, timing could not be better and the need could not be more needed, my strength is becoming far too shaky and my grip on sobriety far to loose. May God give me the strength to reach out and touch the hands of those that I need and may that in turn allow me to see, hear and feel those that may need me….

  3. Hello to those that may see or even read this. I am an British expat living in Prague, a city that often gets the better of me or to br more kind to the place, my grip on life is a little inconsistant and detrimental to my existance here, God bless and I thank with all my thanks to the most beautiful girl in my world Lucie Konigova who has introduced me Tommy and this coming event and without whome I would probably be dead. Our most precious and treasured recently born daughter, Anna-marion, family and friends who do their best to keep me grounded and have the patience to keep trying.
    I am very world-wide web and computer iliterate, taken me an hr to type thus far, I have a huge problem in reaching out for help before the wind blows me to self medicate my Bi-Polarism. I hope to God that I may recieve with my now and finaly open arms a few like minded, suffering folk that can share in a few tools that the wind would allow me to sail or be dragged in a better direction. Looking forward to even the faintest whisper of support or share so my most loved wife and daughter may have a better man by their side. I am 43 and tired of what is becoming consistant relapse. Not sure why I am writing all this as I have no idea where it will go, but hey,ho-Ineed to Let Go

    • thanks for sharing, henry. I hope that Tommy’s work and this event benefit you. take care of yourself.