this is yoga: tara stiles breaks it down for us in 4 dvds

Have you been sitting around wondering, “Just what is yoga, anyway?” Tara Stiles, author of Slim Calm Sexy as well as Yoga Cures, and founder of Strala Yoga in New York City, has the answer to the question with her new DVD series, This Is Yoga.

So what is yoga, according to Stiles? This:










And, fyi, this:











Also, this:









Recently, IAYB has been getting some flack because people perceive me as thinking I’m entitled of labeling what is and is not yoga. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m totally not interested in what is or isn’t yoga. As the name of this blog implies, I do think it’s all yoga (baby).

However, just because it’s all yoga doesn’t mean yoga shouldn’t be questioned. Yoga, and the designated “spokespeople” for yoga, need to be questioned.

So, in this instance, I’m not about to argue with Tara Stiles’ assertion that her four-DVD set of yoga practices is yoga. Sure, why not? It is!

But I am going to point out that I feel concerned that this set is being promoted as the “ultimate” and “quintessential” collection of yoga DVDs. And there’s something about the claim “this is yoga” that everything else out there isn’t yoga.

Despite these questionable aspects of TIY, I have to respect Stiles’ aim “to make yoga accessible from an approach, language, delivery, style, and financial perspective.” The collection includes six hours of routines and practice for $20, which is a very good price. But still. It’s kind of like Kraft Dinner, which is cheap for a meal and kind of almost food (it’s made from cheese, right?) but the nutritional value is questionable.

  1. Appears full of empty calories to me

  2. Yoga is the what I use to help me look sexy in sheer white leggings, while splayed out on my couch while my butt is displayed enticingly….?????


  3. JF returning was the beginning of the apocalypse. It opened the gateway and now Tara is back, too.

  4. I wouldn’t give you any flack for questioning this. It should be questioned. Absolutely.

  5. I don’t think that Tara Stiles’ intent was to define her take on yoga as the ultimate definition of what yoga is. As someone who has done my fair share of practices that range from the spiritual to the only physical, I must say that her down-to-earth approach is very refreshing.
    People don’t seem to take issue with other yoga “super stars” like Shiva Rea or Rodney Yee. Just because someone is a former model who happened to fall in love with a practice so much they wanted to dedicate their life to it, people (women) feel the need to belittle her intentions. I find it sad that my search for a review of her new dvds brought me to this. Did you try the new dvds? Just curious.

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