the yoga games: a post-apocalyptic yoga fantasy

the yoga games: a post-apocalyptic yoga fantasy

When planning a photo shoot for his new simple and beautiful yoga strap, Oopsmark founder and designer Jesse Herbert couldn’t help but notice that a yoga mat strapped to a person’s back looks kind of like a quiver. The result is a clever series of photos that play on a Hunger Games theme.

Even if you’re not into the urban post-apocalyptic fantasy, the yoga strap looks very functional and practical, perfect for carrying your mat around your hipster neighbourhood without compromising your sense of style. Adjustable and made in Montreal from vegetable-tanned leather, the yoga strap can also be used to carry picnic blankets, tripods and sleeping bags.

Oopsmark aims to create tools for an urban living, with a range of sustainable and innovative hand-made leather products for style-conscious people on the go. The yoga strap is pretty great, but the Bicycle Wine Rack is genius.




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  1. leather hunter killer; yuck. at least the message is consistent.