the yoga poster: everything you want to know about yoga (kickstarter project)

The Yoga Poster in its near final stages.

So maybe you know the difference between asanas and chakras. Maybe you’ve been studying yoga long enough to know your sutras from your gunas. But when it comes to the complexities of the yoga system, even the most dedicated and studious practitioner may find themselves wishing for a yogic Cliff’s Notes.

Karoline and Frank Neville-Hamilton, a husband and wife team and non-profit superstars based in Portland, OR, have created the answer to our problems: The Yoga Poster. They designed this poster to consolidate much of the reading, learning, thinking and asking about yoga that they’d done over the last decade.

Based on the appropriate metaphor of the banyen tree (a tropical fig tree sacred in yoga literature), the poster is a visual guide to the practice of yoga, including concepts, history, paths, traditions, styles, actions & terminology. In a mere 24” x 36”!

The Yoga Poster is in the final stages of design and being reviewed for accuracy. Karoline and Frank have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help cover printing costs. Consider supporting this project if you’d like to make the width and breadth of yoga history and philosophy accessible to everyone. Or if you’ve ever studied for a YTT exam.

The Yoga Poster on Kickstarter

  1. Hi!

    I’d like to order a yoga poster for our studio in Middletown, CT!!!

    How may I do so?

  2. Hi, how can I order one of these?? I ran across this poster just after starting to practice yoga myself and I must have it! I’ve still got a lot to learn so this will be a great way to expand my knowledge and also show family and friends to get them educated on the basics.