the story of yoga selfies: the ultimate infographicRead more


the story of yoga selfies: the ultimate infographic

Have you been wondering about the history of the yoga selfie? I know I have. Fortunately, somebody created an infographic with everything we need to know about the pop culture phenomenon!

Apparently, the first yoga selfie happened in April 2013, when actress Lea Michele (of Glee fame) posted a photo of herself. The form was continued by well-known yoga selfie addicted celebrities like Hilaria Baldwin and supermodel Gisele.

The infographic then asks, What are people saying? (about yoga selfies, obvs.) In response, there are quotes and headshots taken from that NY Post article – including a quote from me, along with YogaDork Jennilyn Carson, Tara Stiles and Kay Kay Clivio.

What I had to say about yoga selfies: “It’s a little contradictory to the original intention of the practice. I personally don’t [post them, but] people do like them – as opposed to images of people sitting quietly in meditation. It’s not as sexy or glamorous.”

Well, times have changed since the NY Post interviewed me, and I now post yoga selfies all over the place. Check out the featured photo (above)! And this! I just need to follow the handy infographic checklist and yoga selfie stardom will be mine.



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  1. I guess I don’t really understand why everyone is so irate about the selfles. I don’t care really about the motivations of people who want to post them. Some are very artistic and interesting to look at. People don’t have to look if they don’t want to. It is interesting to juxtapose this article with a more important topic, the death of BKS Iyengar. There seem to be several videos that he permitted people to make and distribute of him doing very pretzley poses, standing on students’ backs etc. In addition to bringing yoga to the West, did he also introduce the first selflies? One can argue that books written by him showing himself in all those yoga poses was a gift to the world. I would say that is probably true. I wonder however if in this modern era people would just say he is publishing selfies. In other words, why do we care so much? We are free to pick our role models.

  2. The moment I will finally be able to do some fancy yoga pose, i will do yoga selfie… hehe :-)! Thanks for the article – it made me smile ;)!