the story of broke: investing in a better future

The folks at The Story of Stuff Project released their latest movie on November 8: The Story of Broke. The short film calls for a shift in US government spending and actually offers concrete ways for it to happen. The film looks at how taxes are spent ($726 billion to the US military!), critiques the “dinosaur economy” and explains government subsidies in plain language.

This succinct, well-researched little movie nicely complements the Occupy Movement. The 99% are rising up and imagining new collaborative ways of being, and The Story of Broke is a reminder that we have the power to tell the government what we want – and we are infinitely more powerful when we are informed of our choices. In 8 minutes, here are ways to transform ideas of scarcity into abundance, and replace a broken system with one that respects the earth and all people.

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