the official chocolate bar of yoga: who decides this stuff?


An IAYB correspondent took the above photo in a Montreal health food store.

This Giddy Yoyo raw chocolate bar makes the bold claim of being the “Official Chocolate Bar of Yoga” (in English and French, ’cause that’s how we do things in Canada). Seriously, who decided this? Krishna? Some kind of divine committee?

Neither a Google search nor the Giddy Yoyo website offered any insight into the ballsy claim. But this is how Giddy Yoyo describes their raw organic chocolate bars:

We have created the most intention and love infused cosmic chocolate bar available, made only with the highest-vibe ingredients. We have specifically formulated our hand crafted chocolate as a deeply nourishing highly mineralized magical pineal stimulating mind expanding food. When ingested (especially daily) you will be inspired to be the change we desperately need; to create heaven on earth.

Looks like Giddy Yoyo needs some lessons in how to use hyphens and avoid hippie marketing clichés. And if you’re going to claim that your product is the official product of anything, you better be ready to back it up.

  1. Darling Goodess Roseanne,
    I thank you for you opinion. It is your right. I would like to ask you to simply consider the name of the claim “it’s all yoga, baby”.
    The word yoga means unity, mind, body and soul.
    It is also a word of grace for me and those who wish to define their life through compassion based journeys.
    It is my opinion that the word yoga is often overused as a trending way to clothe ourselves with ego.
    I ask you to consider reading the message you are critiquing again. Notice the beautiful ‘intention’ it is meant to inspire.
    That, I believe, is the greater message. And yes, it is one of the best, ethically produced and incredible whole foods you can ingest. Also, the first two ingredients are love and gratitude…hummm and yummy.
    Sat Nam, Namaste
    Blessings for a bountiful day….from Canada, eh!

  2. Clearly the marketing tactic is working. Being talked about is the game. I am sure someone there is giggling last your supporting their brand and claim.

  3. well im guessing you didnt attempt to try the giddy yoyo chocolate before you made your comments because you would have seen that the packaging is actually not lying!!! they are the most divine bit of chocolate that is made in canada!!!! support you local canadians before making comments! best chocolate out there!!! spread the love!!!

  4. Well, I was on the committee…your invitation was sent. Did you check your junk mail folder? 😉
    Seriously though…I too am getting a bit tired of the word yoga being used to hawk everything from pants to…to…chocolate!
    Yes, we can try to incorporate yoga into all aspects of our lives, but using it as a marketing ploy is a bit much.
    Sex sells. It seems yoga does to (or at least the PTB are trying to make it so).