the naked yoga video that will make you reconsider naked yoga

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I’ve never really understood naked yoga. It’s a thing, and people are into it, but it’s never made sense to me. It seems benign and odd, but not worthy of taking down. Sexualized advertising for yoga products involving nude women is clearly problematic for many reasons. People who get together in the privacy of a yoga studio for weekly naked yoga classes? Nothing to critique there.

This CTV news clip about a men-only naked yoga class in Edmonton, Alberta, however, has given me reason to reconsider naked yoga and reframe it as an radical, empowering and body-positive practice. Yoga instructor Chris McBain has been teaching the class for over a year. As he tells the newscaster, “Yoga has become this industry all about six-pack abs and what clothes you’re wearing. We’ve forgotten that just our natural state is beautiful.”

In this little Q&A, McBain talks more about how naked yoga has been a way to work with body issues and self-love.

Watch the video on the CTV website (not able to embed it here) and tell us what you think. Did you have any preconceived ideas about naked yoga? Did this clip change your thoughts? And if you’ve ever tried naked yoga (in a public space, not your living room), tell us about your experience!

  1. As I always say, maybe I’ve been in Europe for too long. Saunas and the like have totally numbed me to public or semi-public nudity. Don’t know about the “more people are choosing to ditch their pricy” yoga wear intro though. Would need to see the receipts for that line.

  2. I always thought that naked yoga is weird. I will surely never ditch my garments while doing poses. But after reading this post, especially the line saying about natural state, body issues and self love, i kind of see naked yoga differently. I now understand why they are doing this and I imagine if I have the confidence to do this.