the coregasm: yoga myth or reality?

Is this woman doing Supta Vajrasana in a river just for the fun of it... or is she having a coregasm?

Is this woman doing Supta Vajrasana in a river just for the fun of it... or is she having a coregasm?

So it’s old news that there’s some kind of connection between yoga and sex, and it’s an easy marketing target (remember that whole Better Sex Through Yoga craze a few years ago?).

But I was flipping through the latest issue of Bust and came across an article (not available online) on new pop-fitness “research” pointing to the possibility of the coregasm – an orgasm experienced during core-strengthening exercises, including ab work, pilates and, of course, yoga.

Apparently, the coregasm concept is something that Men’s Health magazine picked up on earlier this year, and the Women’s Health website responded to it (with a handy coregasm workout). And the OmGym – “suspension yoga” – creators had already tapped into this a while ago, designing a suspension yoga coregasm workout to “awaken the inner Love Goddess” and getting featured on The Doctors TV show (see vid below).

It’s possible that those feelings of bliss and oneness (not to mention shortness of breath) that we’ve experienced during our yoga practice might be more than we thought. And perhaps Om may no longer be the only “big O” in yoga…

Has anyone out there experienced a coregasm during yoga? Dare to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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  1. It’s funny you should mention it, but I’ve actually discovered it myself as a man. If I sit cross-legged and push myself up with my hands on either side of my waist and just hang out there (maybe changing up my leg positions) for a LONG while, I can get a little flustered, but in the best way possible. And if I’ve let off on a certain solo activity, things can just go positively wild. Although, it does demand a whole lot of strength and determination.

  2. that has to be one of the most stupid things I ever read! all she is doing is leg raises — we used to do that in elementary school gym class, for god’s sake, 40+ years ago! uh, yeah, I’m that old!

    the “OmGym”? hey, anything to make a buck off yoga in America! I say that will last about 5 minutes, just like the “Slide” in aerobics classes did!

  3. you have to try the OmGym… It actually works! It’s because the pubococcygeal muscle (the muscle that contracts with orgasm) is strengthened through the listed exercises. It’s great motivation to work-out!

  4. oh man, would totally try out the OmGym if the creators send me one for review. i’d review the device and report on the wicked-awesome orgasms it promises!

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