the cat who had enough yoga videos

the cat who had enough yoga videos

The internet loves cats and yoga and haters, so it’s no surprise that this hilarious and adorable video has spread like crazy over the past few days.

When Milo’s owner, a yoga teacher with a budding YouTube profile, filmed herself doing yoga for probably the upteenth time, Milo reached his breaking point. You can see it in his expression, just before he lashes out at the camera.

I hear you, Milo. Casual glances through my social media feeds makes me want to knock some cameras around, too.

This could be the beginning of a movement, as cats around the globe rise up against yoga. Keep your yoga away from your cats. Consider this fair warning.

via Huffington Post

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  1. Too cute for words! My dog has had enough of the yoga already. Maybe pets everywhere are going to start to rise up in protest.

  2. I think cats like yoga just fine. Mine love to gather around when I’m practicing, and the definitely like Savasana. They are, in fact, masters of Savasana. They don’t, however, appear to have much patience for narcissism.

  3. Milo is my spirit animal.