teaching yoga & still going strong, 91 years on!

Still teaching yoga at age 91! (image via money.cnn.com)

We all know yoga is a life-long practice, but every now and then we can use a little inspiration. CNN just profiled some of “America’s oldest workers” and among them is 91-year-old yoga teacher, Tao Porchon-Lynch of White Plains, NY.

“I’m not going to give up,” she says. “I’m going to dance and do yoga for as long as I live.” She has been teaching yoga since the 70s and has certified 400 teacher trainees. Watch her strut her stuff on the yoga mat and the dance floor in this great video clip.

Last year, Australian yoga “supergran” Bette Calman, age 83, made waves around the interwebs with her crazy inversions, pink nylon track suit and pearl earrings. Personally, I can’t get enough of these kinds of stories. The more diversity I see in the yoga world, the better! And not only do I want to still be rocking the asanas when I’m an octogenarian, but I hope I have the youthful glow and stylish coiffe of both these ladies!

  1. My teacher is in her late 70s and her Navasana kicks ass (so to speak–abs?). I’m with you, I hope I still have mad yoga skillz at that age. Speaks very loudly to the sustainability of it all…

  2. I oughtta show this to my 83 year old mom, who complains endlessly about how stiff she is but doesn’t wanna hear it when I suggest yoga (not a class, I specify, but a private session–which she can easily afford–with a yoga teacher to see what might help)…at the very least, it should be more useful than the pics I showed her of an 80-something Indian yogi sticking his feet behind his head (which didn’t help at all…).

  3. Thanks for this! Just shared the video on Twitter and Facebook. We grow up thinking the average life expectancy in the west is 75 or so…and then to see this yogini so full of vitality…it expands my concepts of life and aging! Yoga makes the mind and body so strong and supple.

  4. I saw this on CNN – LOVE it!

  5. This is great, an inspiration to us all. I knew a woman in WV who started yoga in her 60s, had a heart attack in her 80s and so had to “stop doing headstands for while” but kept right up with her practice. Amazing. I will definitely pass this one along.

  6. love it! I have 35 more years to go…..

  7. So inspiring! I totally want to be just like these ladies!

  8. Wow – thank you for sharing that! She is incredibly inspiring, as well as bangin’ in that red dress! 🙂 I hope I grow to be that content, connected, and ageless in my lifetime.

  9. I hope I’m still teaching at her age 😀

  10. SO inspiring. and I agree with Dr. Jay, It would be great to have a spokesperson or advocate for more Yogi role models like her. THIS is the yogini we should admire and see out there in advert-yoga world. 🙂

  11. my friend (older than I am and I am mid-50s) and I were talking about how only 100 years or so ago, her and I would be considered the elders of our communities at our ages….when you think about it, nowadays is pretty F’ed up regarding attitudes about AGE…..

  12. I was talking to someone on twitter just a few days ago about fitness and age. Yoga and Pilates are fountains of youth.