teach yoga for round bodies: a special YTT opportunity

teach yoga for round bodies: a special YTT opportunity

Are you a certified yoga instructor with experience and training who is passionate to serve an underserved population? Do you feel excited about making yoga more accessible? Would you like to add value to your community?

Well, you’re in luck: Yoga for Round Bodies is urgently seeking people across Canada interested in teaching yoga to the curvy demographic. Tiina Veer, co-founder extraordinaire, is currently working on a special event with one of Canada’s leading plus-size women’s brands to host YRB classes in many of their retail locations on April 13, 2014.

YRB is seeking yoga teachers (who’ve completed a 200-hour YTT) to get trained up before the event and teach YRB in the following Canadian cities: Grande Prairie, Regina, Toronto (Scarb.), Winnipeg, Moncton, London, Hamilton, St. John’s, and Kelowna.

They’ve put together a special live online 25-hour certification intensive over two weekends in March (14-17, 21-24, evenings + Sundays), at a special one-time only discount ($599*– save $200), for instructors interested in becoming Yoga for Round Bodies™ teachers and in participating in the April 13 event.

It’s exciting to see this movement gain momentum and the demand for round-bodied yoga be so high. If you’ve been thinking about expanding your yoga teaching skill set, this seems like the perfect opportunity.

For more info and to sign up, contact Tiina Veer at tiinaveer@gmail.com
Check out this IAYB interview with Tiina Veer and learn more about the YRB mission!


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  1. I really like the way yoga develops in so many different directions, and I really hope that it will become even more and more accepted as a regular thing instead of gaining titles like hipsterish workouts and similar offensive ones. I mean, even in my own circles of acquaintances, yoga is consider a girl kind of thing, and sometimes it gets called even worse names, like an old lady thing…
    I hope Yoga for Round Bodies will find yoga teachers, that’s a really great initiative you guys!

    • We are offering YFRB at Serene Yoga Studio in Winnipeg,Mb at the 474 St. Mary’s rd. location.
      http://www.sereneyogastudio.com for more information or call 204-504-9642.
      Registration starting soon for fall sessions.
      Spread the good news! Sara Hamel is a certified YFRB instructor.

  2. This is so awesome. I love that yoga isn’t just the workout for super skinny, bendy people anymore. I hope they find teachers and further the concept that yoga is for everybody, no matter what your dress size is.