tara stiles + william j. broad talk yoga at the apple store: april 3

Upcoming Apple Store events: yoga authors, iPhone 4S

So I get this email with a bewildering subject line: SOHO Apple Store Yoga Cures Launch April 3. I had no idea what this combination of words could possibly mean. But what they mean is that Tara Stiles will be launching her new book, Yoga Cures, at the Apple Store in SOHO, NYC on April 3. Another noted yoga author, William J. Broad, will be discussing his book, The Science of Yoga, and Jason Wachob, founder of MindBodyGreen.com will be moderating the conversation.

This should be an entertaining and unorthodox evening of yoga talk. At the Apple Store. Not a book store or a yoga studio, but the Apple Store.

Tara Stiles actually makes an appearance in The Science of Yoga, and she’s not presented in the best light. According to Broad, “Tara Stiles exemplified the durability” of one of the most pervasive yoga myths: that yoga speeds up the metabolism and aids in weight loss. Her book, Slim Calm Sexy Yoga, was based on this myth and even had a whole chapter devoted to “slenderizing.”

So let’s hope that WJB asks Tara some tough questions about the research she did for Yoga Cures, or at least discusses the myth on which she bases her marketing.

Meet the Authors: Tara Stiles and William J. Broad
April 3, 2012 6pm7pm
SOHO Apple Store
72 Greene Street
New York, NY