take action summit: yoga without borders in toronto, jan 28 (livestream!)

Yoga Without Borders, a Toronto-based yoga service organization dedicated to social change, is hosting its first Take Action summit on Saturday, January 28. With only 60 available spots, the event is already sold out, but it will be streamed online at livestream.com/yogawithoutborders.

The idea behind the summit is to bring together yoga organizations committed to social service and grassroots activism along with experts in networking and fundraising to help get their message out. Networking guru Donna Messer and social media expert Syerah Virani will be among the speakers.

“The idea is to gather and pool our resources,” says Salimah Kassim-Lakha [the director of Yoga Without Borders], calling it an opportunity to create a network that will be supportive and motivating.

“A lot of times grassroots activists stay within their own circles and don’t hear about what others are doing. We end up reinventing the wheel, over and over again.”

Among the seven organizations participating are: Freeing the Human Spirit, which has created a yoga program for Canadian inmates; Off the Mat into the World, which has recently focused on raising funds for Haiti; and Sangha of Hope, which uses trauma-sensitive yoga to help female survivors of physical, mental and sexual violence. (via healthzone.ca)