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in summary: the john friend/NYT fiasco

At the Village Anusara at Wanderlust (image via Twitpic)

This week, the yoga universe was ablaze with talk about last week’s NY Times article about John Friend. Unless you were living in a cave, meditating on a mountain top or camping in the bush, you’ve most likely heard and read about it.… Read more

yoga: out of control or what?

Sick of the yoga hype? Get your "fuck yoga" flip flops at fuckyoga.com

Oooh, I love it when Gawker turns it’s sharp sarcastic lens on yoga culture. Yesterday, Gawker posed the question (and then answered it), “Is yoga out of control?” They offered plenty of examples of this out-of-controlness:

Laughter yoga.

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vancouver 2010 olympics: do yoga, hook up!

Olympian yoga in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery (image: Lululemon blog)

So y’all might have noticed that I’ve been avoiding any mention of the Olympics. First of all, I just can’t keep up with all the athletes who do yoga as part of their training routines (and YogaDork is doing a great job of covering that angle).… Read more

“yoga centered” short films spark mild controversy

Poster for The Yoganator, one of the offending "yoga centered" short films.

Somehow I’ve ended up on Rajan Zed‘s mailing list (the Hindu statesman is infamous for criticizing American cultural representations of Eastern spirituality, including The Love Guru and Ogden: the Inappropriate Yoga Guy).… Read more