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what does community look like?

I am the centre of my universe!

“I no longer see community as a safe place, or as a specific structure. I think of it as an attitude and a process. It is understanding and practicing interdependence, recognizing that we need one another for everything that makes life worthwhile and even for survival itself.” – Arthur Gladstone

I an attempt to understand what community looks like and means to me, I drew this little diagram*.… Read more

the gifts of pay-what-you-can yoga

the front window of the beautiful rad'a space

the front window of the beautiful rad'a space

This afternoon, I taught my final weekly community class at rad’a (until September). It was unbearably hot in Montréal today, way over 30ºC and super humid. I had no idea who would feel like doing yoga on a day like today ~ everyone should be sitting under shady trees in parks, or  drinking sangria in backyards.… Read more

how i’m spending my summer vacation

IMG_1332I have made the decision to cease teaching yoga classes for July and August. It’s a multi-layered decision, which took a while for me to come to, but which ultimately feels right. I’m also going to stop attending my weekly Anusara classes, and just go to classes from different traditions, with different teachers, when I feel like it.… Read more