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the great yoga injuries debate & the “dangers” of yoga

Illustration by Bob Al-Greene, via greatist.com

Illustration by Bob Al-Greene, via greatist.com

Get ready: the great yoga injuries conversation has risen from the ashes. The great debate was initially ignited in early 2012 after an infamous article in the New York Times, “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.” In the past few months, we’ve seen a new rash of articles and blog posts from author William Broad, in support of the paperback version of his book, The Science of Yoga.Read more

“how yoga can wreck your body”: the NYT takes on yoga (again)

Ouch - yoga's gonna hurt, if your practice is driven by ego and bad form (image via icanhascheezburger.com)

It’s yet another article about yoga in the New York Times. And since it addresses yoga and injuries – specifically, yoga-induced injuries – it’s sent a shockwave through yoga social media channels.… Read more