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YTT standards, sustainability & integrity: the yoga toronto community conversation

As promised, the Toronto yoga community gathered together last week to discuss the unwieldy and far-ranging topic of yoga teacher standards, regulations and expectations (see my earlier post). The Yocoto (Yoga Community Toronto) organizers graciously recorded the conversation and posted the audio on YouTube.… Read more

wsj.com: stefanie syman on how yoga sold out

So it looks like the Wall Street Journal has also become obsessed with yoga, following on the heels of the NY Times’ yoga blitz last month. After last week’s lululemon story, another article about yoga turned up on their Speakeasy blog yesterday – Stefanie Syman, author of The Subtle Body, with an analysis and history lesson on the commercialization of  yoga.Read more

lululemon ambassadors: yoga marketing warriors

A yoga class in a Washington DC lulu store (via washingtontimes.com)

According to a Wall Street Journal article, yoga-inspired clothing manufacturer lululemon is employing unconventional and inexpensive marketing strategies. While other fitness-wear lines (especially multinational sports shoe brands) pay crazy money for big name celebrities to push their lines, lululemon appoints community ambassadors and doesn’t pay for them, instead giving them $1000 worth of product and inviting them to teach for free in their stores.… Read more

so you think you can teach yoga? an examination of YTT training & standards

Image via howtobecomeayogainstructor.com ~ yes, seriously.

If you want to become a yoga teacher, there are no shortage of training programs offering certification. Most urban studios offer a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered training. You can get a generic YogaFit® training in no particular tradition.… Read more

looking at the whole picture: nudity, commericalism & the future of yoga

Phew! Okay, so I have been closely following the maelstrom of discussion around last week’s post about Judith Hanson Lasater’s letter to Yoga Journal. Accompanying the letter, both here on it’s all yoga, baby, and on elephant journal, is the now iconic image of Kathryn Budig posing for Toesox ~ which has ended up being the centrepiece of the discussion and, in some ways, overridden the essence of Judith’s letter.… Read more