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indie documentary, who owns yoga? crowdfunds for feature-length film

indie documentary, who owns yoga? crowdfunds for feature-length film

Last fall, Al Jeezera quietly launched a short documentary, Who Owns Yoga? Produced by Bhanu Bhatnagar, a yoga teacher and journalist, with filmmakers Micah Garen and Marie-Hélène Carleton, the 48-minute film explored the modern obsession with yoga and asked difficult questions about ownership, cultural appropriation and commercialization.… Read more

girls in yoga pants: fetishizing the yoga butt

It's a girl in yoga pants! (image via girlsinyogapants.com)

In the esteemed tradition of nude yoga girls and Playboy Yoga, we now have Girls In Yoga Pants ~ a photoblog dedicated to, you guessed it, women wearing yoga pants. Most of the photos provide us with posterior views of yoga pants, thus celebrating the desirable yoga butt.… Read more

yoga & capitalism: BFFs?

Prime advertising real estate (image via flavorwire.com)

Last week’s corporate-sponsored Yoga at the Great Lawn event in NYC has been attracting quite a bit of press. Yesterday’s NYT blog article took a look at the corporate angle of the event.  “This would have never happened without corporate support,” said Sascha Lewis, a co-founder of FlavorPill, the NYC cultural guide which organized the event.… Read more

are “yoga moms” the new “soccer moms”?

The blogosphere is bursting with stories about the tension-filled relationship between yoga and marketing – the recent NY Times article set off sparks around the yoga interwebs, and a fascinating conversation rages on  YogaDork regarding Lululemon’s latest ad campaign. However, a post on TechCrunch takes it to a whole other level.… Read more

more mobile yoga: exclusive interview with the founder!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Mobile Yoga, the latest yoga hybrid which fuses together yoga and inline skating. I had actually been approached by a publicist at a PR company about the new style and I couldn’t resist questioning the validity of this hybrid (and, looking at the comments on that post, it seems that many yogis were unconvinced as well).Read more