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give yoga: support the acorn fund this holiday season

Stuff, stuff, stuff! Do we really need more stuff? Do we need to give more stuff?

This holiday season, give the gift of yoga by supporting the Acorn Fund. The Toronto-based fund offers annual grants to local organizations who help share yoga with those who would otherwise be unable to access the practice.… Read more

tax hot dogs, not down dogs!

It’s catchy, eh? “Tax hot dogs, not down dogs” is a new mantra that West Coast yoga teacher Eoin Finn is rallying for, in his ongoing mission to keep yoga accessible and available to all. Eoin is speaking out against the HST (Harmonized Services Tax) in British Columbia, a new tax system that was imposed last year and is now in a referendum process.… Read more

men on the mat: yoga & the gender divide

maybe this is why more men aren’t doing yoga… (image via chiropractic-help.com)

The old “where are all the men in yoga class” conversation is making a quiet return in the popular press and the blogosphere lately. Even the most casual observer of yoga culture would notice that women outnumber men in the average yoga class, despite the fact that many of the highest profile teachers in North America (and traditionally) are men.… Read more