SXSW 2012: innovation, technology and… yoga?

Technology, innovation and yoga: it's a balancing act (image via

A cutting edge conference on music, film and technology may be an unlikely setting for yoga, but a quick glance at the program for South By Southwest 2012 (SXSW) March 9 – 18 in Austin, Texas is a reminder that yoga is most exciting when it turns up where we least expect it.

All that innovating and networking can be hard on the body, so SXSW Interactive (the technology stream of the conference) has morning yoga sessions for attendees. Apparently, the morning sessions have been part of the Interactive programming for several years now, and the “come as you are” sessions accommodate mixed levels of experience. Attendees are even encouraged to wear regular street clothes, so they can head straight from the yoga class to their next session.

Given the popularity of yoga in corporate work environments, creative studios and hip start-ups, it’s not that much of a surprise to see morning yoga sessions at SXSW Interactive. What is exciting, however, is to see yoga enter the conference dialogue.

Radio Free Yoga–Self-Realize x Social Enterprise, a panel led by online radio show Where Is My Guru hosts Jessica Durivage and Diane Ferraro, will look at yogic philosophy and its place in social media. The goal of the panel is to provide “a platform for positive, healthy and effective communication based on the five yamas, or principles.” Jessica and Diane will be joined by Waylon Lewis, of, and Seane Corn.

How important mindfulness in your social media interactions? Post a video on the WIMG Facebook page and let everyone know!

SXSW Interactive morning yoga sessions
9:30-10:30 am on March 10, March 11, March 12 and March 13 in Room 8a at the Austin Convention Center.
Afternoon session on Friday, March 9 from 2:00-3:00 pm

  1. Roseanne! Than you so much! Can’t wait to see your video!! xoxo

  2. very true. yoga turned up on my toothbrush this evening. says to send you its love. 😉

    big xo’s to you, miss R. love you LOTS. happy v-day!!!!

  3. @jessica: yes, my video… totally working on it… 😉

    @Y: you make me giggle! lots of love to you, too! xo

  4. Thanks for promoting our SXSW yoga sessions!

  5. “yogic philosophy and its place in social media.” Sounds right up my ally! It’s so great that SXSW blends yoga into their curriculum.

    • if you’re interested in social media and yoga (as well as community, service and cool peeps), then you should listen to where is my guru. every week!

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