surya namas-cat (video)

You know how when you’re practicing yoga at home and as soon as you unroll your mat, your cat appears from out of nowhere and rolls around on your mat and walks around your legs and does everything it can to thwart your practice?

That’s nothing compared to this cat.

via Yoga Youtube and my pal Chelsea

  1. now that kitty knew where to stick when riding that flow, loved it 😉

  2. and I thought my dog was pestering me when she runs around my face then lies down next to me afterwards

  3. Awesome, thanks so much for posting! I shared this on my blog with a link to yours, hope that’s OK?
    Love your blog, btw. 🙂

  4. Hysterical. Loved it!! My dog just does downdogs next to me, and I thought that was funny…

  5. Extraordinaire !! Awesome !!

  6. This is just the best; cats are such exquisite creatures! However, training my kitty to go with my yoga flow like this is proving a tad more challenging.