sunday satsangs: live webcast series with awakened teachers (the gathering)

If you’re looking to spice up your weekends with a little wisdom, this live webcast series with awakened teachers may do the trick. Every Sunday at 2:00pm EST, the organizers of The Gathering are hosting a 1½-hour video webcast will share a taste of “enlightened consciousness” with you. Your Sunday afternoon will never be the same!

You will be able to comment, ask questions and share your feelings via live web chat.  And if you are available to appear on webcam, you may also be invited to appear on video for a live discussion.

The Gathering is a seven-day spiritual, yoga, mediation and kirtan/chanting retreat to be held outside of Toronto on July 27 to August 2. This “celebration of being in the present moment” will feature dozens of teachers and musicians from many of the world’s traditions, from Advaita to Zen. The webcasts will be hosted by the founder of The Gathering, Arvana Robinson, and each week will feature one of the diverse and knowledgeable facilitators from The Gathering’s lineup.

According to their press release:

Each of the awakened masters in this series will be sharing Truth in their own unique way, flavoured by each of their unique backgrounds, lineage and experience, and yet all pointing to the same universal understanding.

Each webcast will also give you a little taste of what will be happening at The Gathering. It will help you live in increased freedom, joy and love… and hopefully give you an experience of the deep inner calm and bliss of enlightened consciousness.

Bring it on! There is a nominal $5 fee for each webcast, which is intended to ensure that the participants have genuine intent.  Click here for more information and to register online.

  1. Hi I love your blog topics and your thoughts so I wanted to forward the Liebster Award on to you. You can read more about it here: . It’s meant for smaller blogs, and you may have well over 200 followers, but I thought you were worthy regardless 🙂

  2. Nice. I didn’t know about this and I’ll definitely check them out sometime depending on the guest.

    I’m usually avoiding something that time on Sunday anyway… 😉

  3. Awakened teachers … hmm, well I guess it has more of a ring to it than asleep teachers doesn’t it?!

    Seriously I found myself squirming on reading the text – for example the teachers: “… will each share their presence and their unique experiential guidance to co-create a compelling transformational energy, and give you the opportunity to transcend your Self and merge into universal consciousness.”

    Perhaps I’m out of synch with current movements but, for me, yoga and meditation are about being fully present, here, now .. grounded in body and breath.

    • Hi Angel ~ thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      As an editor who has spent a lot time writing marketing copy for yoga/spiritual events, I also found the language over the top. I wasn’t even comfortable including “awakened” in my subject line and blog post. However, that seems to be how The Gathering organizers want to portray and market their event. If there are others who feel the same way as you, perhaps it’s not working!