style icon does yoga in front of a bus for fashion mag

I found out about this breaking news story via a mysterious tweet: “Gaia Repossi Does Yoga In Front of a Bus.” I had no idea what that could possibly mean, but I was intrigued the idea of somebody doing yoga in front of a bus.

Turns out, Gaia Repossi is the Artistic Director of Repossi, a legendary jewelery house in Paris founded by her grandfather in 1925. She was posing for Opening Ceremony, the inaugural annual magazine put out by “multifaceted retail environment” of the same name.

In yet another conflation of yoga and high fashion, Repossi and her yoga practice have also been featured in Vogue. She told them that she enjoys “the mystic, more spiritual side of yoga.”

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  1. When I read the beginning of your “yoga and high fashion” tweet, I wished it was the announcement Stella McCartney released a fancy collection like the uniforms for Team GB.
    We need cool polga uniforms, and in the end I am an annoying fashionista even if I don’t give studio suggestions on Vogue.
    Look at what she is wearing in the second pic <3 lol