sponsor spotlight: kara-leah grant of the yoga lunchbox

sponsor spotlight: kara-leah grant of the yoga lunchbox

“40 days” is a highly significant span of time in many spiritual traditions. It turns up all over the place in the Bible. The Buddha meditated under a tree for 40 days to attain enlightenment. And in the yoga tradition, the kundalini kriya practices are 40 days long.

Kara-Leah Grant alludes to the legacy and power of 40 days in her new self-published book, 40 Days of Yoga, a straight forward and practical guide to starting and maintaining a home yoga practice. As she explains in this interview, it takes 40 days for a new habit to become ingrained in people’s lives.

Although the title of the book may suggest a linear journey, with assignments and asana sequences to complete over a set time period, it’s actually a process. After years of practice and experience, Grant identified the main obstacle to a consistent yoga practice: the mind. She has observed that people may not practice regularly not because they don’t know what to do on the mat, but because they don’t understand how to work with their minds.

The book is full of worksheets and resources the help people get to know their minds and motivations, and to shift awareness. In this sense, Grant attempts to replicate a traditional teacher/student relationship.

Kara-Leah Grant is a yoga teacher, writer and founder of an online magazine, The Yoga Lunchbox. She lives and practices in New Zealand.

As she explains in our audio conversation, 40 Days of Yoga was a convergence of topic and passion for Grant. Listen to the full interview to learn the full story of her amazing project.

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